Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The United Nations Data: The Number of Death In Traffic Accident

According to The United Nations data, there is 1.3 million people died in traffic accident, 'about 1/4 is passer-by' WHO Brent Powis said.

'a total of 47,392 Americans were killed in accidents from 2001 to 2010' - the Centers For Disease Control.

There is 350,000 people died in accidents in China in 2002,death rate is: 19, this means 19 people died in every 100,000 people, the highest is Latin America's Salvatore, death rate is 41.7 per 100,000 people, the lowest is UK, that's 5.9.

Incidence of traffic accidents in low-and middle-income countries significantly more than the economic development of the high-income countries. About 90% of the world's traffic disability incidents have taken place in the economically underdeveloped in low-and middle-income countries. Traffic accidents are the main cause of death of adults aged 15-45 in China.

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