Wednesday, October 9, 2013

GPS trackers is the best tool to track vehicle location

GPS trackers are being extensively used in vehicles to track their location. Normally, the vehicles are fitted with software that collects these data along with the picture of the vehicle’s current location. The latest vehicle tracking mechanism is GPS but other than this there are other types of technologies that are used to track a vehicle.  The vehicles information such as the current location can be easily viewed on an electronic map with the help of internet and other software. The very common example is the use of GPS tracker in public transportation vehicles.

There are basically two types of vehicle tracking devices. These include active and passive. Passive devices are known for the storage of GPS location, heading and speed. The device is removed from the vehicle and the data is transferred to the server. There are passive devices which transfer data with the help of wireless media. The only difference between passive and active devices is that active devices transmit the data via modem, or satellite network to a centralized system. The public transport use both of these tracking systems where in the data is transmitted to the server whenever the network is available and when there is an interruption then the data is stored in the memory for later retrieval.

The traditional method of vehicle tracking involved the installation of the GPS tracker in the vehicle powered by a battery. However, with the emerge of mobile phones with GPS facilities, many companies are interested in this means where in the sales person in the vehicle is given the phone and the location of the phone is determined during regular intervals.

The GPS tracker can be used to get details such as engine temperature, cut off fuel, GSM area code, door open and close, tire pressure, emergency button status apart from the location of the vehicle in which it is installed. There are three steps that the GPS tracker is responsible for. Firstly it receives the data, stores the data and then transmits the data on demand. There is a User Interface which can be used to access this information.

GPS tracker is used in real time in private transportation vehicles and the end user is detailed with the waiting time and the arrival of the next bus or train. Waiting passengers use this information and get a cab in case the next bus is at a later time. Some of the private transportation vehicles also provide a route map which shows the exact location of the vehicle. This way the passenger can decide to wait for the bus or to move on.

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GPS trackers also give information on the driving behavior of the driver. These trackers are also used to prevent theft in vehicles. The Police can use this information to locate the stolen vehicle. Some of the GPS trackers are used to control the vehicle remotely such as block the doors and the engine.

GPS trackers are commonly used to monitor fuel, maintenance, distance calculation and to monitor the activities of employees. Although these devices are used worldwide, there are certain laws that need to be considered as these devices do invade the privacy of the individuals.